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Data Visualisation and Analytics

We will prepare the data in organised format for you. Be it then CSV,XML or JSON. With our expertise in the ETL technology, we will smoothly transform the un-organised and multi-faceted data into uniform format so that you can visualise it in Tableau, PowerBi, Excel or any other analysis tool.

Further we will assist in running advanced analytics on the data, using R and Python algorithms which provides better actionable inputs.


Software Development and Support

With our pool of technical experts in the fields of .NET , JAVA development, Reporting analysts, ETL/DWH consultants we can assist our clients with short-term or long-term resource requirements. The skill sets which we are supporting currently


Tableau, Power BI, SSRS Reporting

SQL/Oracle Database and DWH Development


Robotic Process Automation

As the business processes are getting complexer, need of the resources is also ever increasing. With our expertise in various RPA technologies, such as Automation Anywhere, BluePrism and UiPath, businesses can save precious resources such as Time and Human resource.